5 Amazing Day Trips out of Melbourne

5 Amazing Day Trips out of Melbourne

Melbourne has it all, but sometimes you simply need to escape the bustle of the city and take in more of the beauty that Victoria, Australia has to offer.

15 Awesome Bars in Melbourne

15 Awesome Bars in Melbourne

Here at Trafari, we take nightlife just as seriously as Melbourne does - so we’ve put together a concise list of bars you must visit while you’re here.

6 Secluded Beaches in Australia Worth Making the Trip For

Planning your next beach trip? In Australia, you have a few choices - 11,761 to be exact. With almost 60,000 kilometers of coastline, Australia gives you practically limitless options of beaches. Some are harder to get to than others, but we think the seclusion only adds to the beauty of the beach. Here are a few of Australia's finest beaches that will be worth the trek:


1. Nudey Beach (QLD)


Fitzroy Island boasts a beautiful white coral-sand beach that is accessible by a 45-minute ferry ride from Cairns and a short hike through national park rainforest. Nudey Beach edges out to the Great Barrier Reef for fantastic views, and fun fact: it’s the only beach that you’re allowed to bath nude in all of Queensland! 

2. Whitehaven Beach (QLD)


Being the largest out of Whitsundays’s 74 islands, Whitehaven Beach stretches 7 kilometers, and is something you’ll have to see to believe. Head up to the lookout at Tongue Point to get the best view of the winding shoreline.

3. Horrocks Beach (WA)


One of the best-kept secrets of Western Australia, Horrocks Beach has a population of just over 130, according to Wikipedia. It’s been named the best mainland beach of Australia in 2018, and with a pristine shoreline, Horrocks Beach doesn’t need much help holding onto that title.

4. Dreamtime Beach (NSW)


Another hidden gem that takes a bit of wandering to find, Dreamtime Beach is well-worth the trip to Fingal Head, New South Wales. Wind your way through a coastal rainforest until you are welcomed by the clear blue waters of a secluded beach.

5. Cossies Beach (Cocos Keeling Island)


This one might need a little more planning than the others…Cossies Beach on Cocos (Keeling) Island is actually closer to Indonesia than Australia. But it was named Australia’s best beach in 2016. A quick 4.5-hour flight from Perth and you’ll be ready to take on the white sandy beaches and cool blue ocean.

6. Oberon Bay (VIC)


If you’re looking for seclusion in Victoria, you can find it on the west coast of Wilson’s Promontory at Oberon Bay. Located about 2-3 hours walk from Tidal River, this beach can only be accessed on foot or by boat. Make a full trip out of it and pass Oberon Bay on a loop walk you can do over a few days around the prom.

Essential Items to Pack in your Carry-on for Long-Haul Flights

girl-aeroplane-plane copy.jpg

1. A good book

Reading is a great way to help pass the time on a long flight and a great indulgence you probably don’t have time for in your busy day to day life. If you don’t have one to take go and check out the shelves at the airport, you are bound to find something to tickle your fancy…even if it is a puzzle book!

2. Socks

Planes are always cooler when cruising at 72,000 feet in the air, just check your in-flight screen for the ridiculously cold temperatures showing outside, so packing a pair of nice woolly socks will help keep your little toes cozy.

3. Pack a change of clothes

We always run the risk of our luggage getting lost or not making a connecting flight which means we can be left without clothes for a couple of days. Packing 1-2 outfits in your carry-on will ensure you have some clean clothes to get you through a few days if you find yourself in this predicament.

4. Toiletries

To help keep yourself feeling refreshed, taking your plane size toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant can make all the difference (and the poor person you have been drooling on next to you will thank you).

5. Wet wipes

In the last few hours of what seems like the longest flight you have ever been on, we are all longing for a long hot shower and can sometimes start to feel a little self conscious. A little hack is taking wet wipes with you. Take them to the bathroom and give yourself a little wipe over to feel a little more human.

6. Hand sanitiser

For those times there is no soap left in the bathrooms or you want to have clean hands before eating your meal and you can't get to the bathroom before the trolley comes around.

7. A pen

Remember all those times you went searching through your bag looking for that pen you swore you had in there from the last trip? Always keep it at the top of your list to pack because you will always need one, from filling out landing cards to writing in your travel diary. TIP: Keep the pen with your passport, you will never lose it!

8. Portable charger

Not all planes have the option for you to be able to plug your phone in for charge and if you like using your phone on the flight for games or listening to music/podcasts you don’t want your battery running out mid-flight. Having your favourite song stopped half way through is not cool!

9. Diary

Keeping track of your travels each day, noting down all the things you have seen, want to see, all the feels, the people you met, is such a great way to look back on how much fun you had or even to pass on tips to your friends that are heading to all the places you have now been.

Having a diary with you on the plane can help you get started on your lists of things you want to do or even to write down some goals you want to accomplish from your travels.

Now where is that pen we packed.... oh yes, with our passport!

10. Gum

Hate it when your ears pop on landing? Throw in a piece of gum when the plane is descending as the chewing keeps your jaw moving and helps to keep your ears unblocked. Lifesaver!

11. Headphones

Taking your own headphones is a must, either for listening to music on your phone or even plugging into your seat to watch movies. Your headphones may not fit into all seats but they do for a few.

12. Chap stick

The cabin pressure along with the cool air blowing either on you or your row buddy can really affect your lips and make them sore and chapped. Carry a chap stick with you to keep your lips hydrated and healthy.

---> Courtesy of Hannah Pigram @thetravellingaus <---

10 Things To Do in SYDNEY for the Outdoors Type

Only have limited time in Sydney on your trip and want to make the most of the outdoors? Check out the below - 10 things to do when outside in and around Sydney!

1. Harbour Bridge Climb


You all know the Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the most iconic landmarks in Sydney with its amazing arching iron structure boldly taking your eye away from everything but itself. You can drive over it, walk over it and even climb over it! Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb is definitely an activity to add to the list. It has different times throughout the day for you to experience the spectacular views over Sydney’s city skyline and sparkling harbour.

The twilight session is one of the best times to head up the bridge as you get to enjoy the sunshine during the climb up, watch the sunset from the top and enjoy the stunning city lights on the descent. You also get your picture taken at the top, which you can purchase once you get back to the bottom. Such a cool keepsake!

2. Bronte to Bondi Coastal Walk


Sydney has some of the best beaches in the world and this is a fantastic way to take in the breathtaking landscape views from beach level and above on the cliffs. You can either go from Bondi to Bronte or Bronte to Bondi, it doesn’t matter! Either way there are fantastic cafes on either end where you can have a post walk smoothie or coffee.

The walk takes you around through Tamarama Beach and along winding paths along the cliff faces. If you go around October/November an event called Sculpture by the Sea will be on where local artists create a masterpiece and have it on display along the walk. A very cool event to see and each year shows different art pieces that will blow you away.

3. Ferry Ride from Circular Quay to Manly


Ferries are a very popular mode of transport for commuters to get to and from work but its also a beautiful way of taking in Sydney’s Harbour with amazing houses, boats and little coves along the way. See if you can spot the Prime Minister’s house!

Anytime of day is great to get on the ferry but if you are a sunset fanatic, you can get amazing views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House with the spectacular colours pink, orange and yellow dancing across the sky.

4. Go Surfing 


Always wanted to learn surfing, to be one of the cool guys sitting on their boards out in the ocean waiting for the mother wave? Or love being out in the surf for hours on end during summer? As mentioned already Sydney has some of the best beaches in the world and many of these are fantastic for surfing. The most common beaches for surfing in Sydney include Manly, Bondi, Curl Curl, and Freshwater beach.

If you want to learn how to surf the following beaches are the best; Palm beach, Long Reef beach (part of Dee Why), Manly beach and Bondi beach. There are surf schools everywhere eagerly waiting to show you the ropes…or should I say waves!

5. Visit Taronga Zoo


Take a ferry from Circular Quay across to Taronga Zoo for the day. This amazing zoo has a large variety of animals from Australia & around the world and they are just waiting for you to stop by and say hello. If you want to splurge on your trip to the zoo you can actually stay overnight in their awesome package ‘Roar and Snore’.

Included in the roar and snore package is a night safari, getting you up close & personal with some friendly creatures and a beautiful dinner/breakfast. Waking up in your own private tent with a view over the city is a pretty cool experience to be a part of.

6. Go White Water Rafting


Yes you can go whitewater rafting in Sydney! Located in Penrith at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games site, you can whitewater raft or kayak in the only man-made river of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

Available from September to June, jump on the guided rafting for 90 minutes and try your best to stay afloat! An awesome day out when it is sunny and hot…just what you expect from an Australian Summer.

7. Hire a bike


There are various bike rentals dotted all over the city available for hire to ride anywhere you want but one place in particular that is a treat to ride through is Centennial Parklands, only 4kms from the city centre.

Centennial Parklands has approximately 3kms of cycling path for you to enjoy, (don’t worry it is all mostly flat). You will be greeted by other cyclists, runners and families out on their daily walks enjoying the ponds, beautiful flowerbeds and an array of birds and wild ducks. If you get thirsty on your cycle there is a café where you can grab a coffee or cold beverage, maybe even a slice of yummy banana bread.

8. Kayak or stand-up paddleboard at Pittwater


For the best kayak or paddleboard experience head to Pittwater, at the edge of the Ku-ring-gai National Park, only 40 minutes from Sydney’s centre. You can choose the right type of kayak or SUP (stand-up paddleboard) to suit your needs and also how long you want to hire it for with various options available to you.

An awesome aspect about hiring here is that the water is still and best suited for these types of activities. You also get given a map to help you maneuver your way through the waterways, and to help you get back to the hire shed!

9. Have a picnic in Hyde Park


Who doesn’t love a picnic! Head to the local supermarket and grab all your favourites, including a picnic blanket, and head to Hyde Park, Australia’s oldest Park. Located right in the city, Hyde Park boasts beautiful big shady trees, stunning water features and acres of lush grass perfect for setting up your picnic.

A great spot for people watching, you will see people commuting to and from work, sunbathing in their lunch breaks and tourists marvelling at the amazing greenery and memorial statues that surround them. Take your book, your snacks and don’t forget your sunnies! 

10. Take a bush walk through Wentworth Falls (Blue Mountains)


Wentworth Falls is located in the Blue Mountains, approximately 1.5 hours from Sydney’s centre. If you love hiking you will love the great walking paths and the stunning waterfalls. Two paths will give you the best views of  the waterfalls and they are Weeping Rock and Fletchers lookout so these are a definite must on your trip. Make sure to take water and some snacks!

---> Courtesy of Hannah Pigram @thetravellingaus <---

To discover more recommendations according to young travellers…

Top 8: Must visit destinations in Australia (for under 30’s)



Home to the Opera house, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach, Sydney is an obvious must-see for the young traveller. However, there is more to Australia’s biggest city that just it’s sightseeing opportunities. From the hustle and bustle of the city, to its beautiful beaches and trendy suburbs, there’s certainly something to keep everyone entertained.



Melbourne is widely regarded as Australia’s coolest city - renowned for being the nation’s artistic, musical and sporting capital. The city is bustling with live music, laneways, graffiti, great cafes and bars, while it’s outer suburbs have unique and intriguing characters of their own.



Byron is the quintessential Australian beach town, with its chilled out vibe and beautiful beaches. However, it's not all hippies and perfect waves; once the sun sets, the town turns into a party paradise, with revellers hopping between the fun bars and clubs the town has on offer. 



If you are looking for a uniquely Australian cultural experience, visiting the natural wonder that is Uluru is a must. Situated in the heart of Australia’s outback, Uluru and the surrounding desert is unlike anything you’ll see anywhere else in the world. Furthermore, it provides a great opportunity to learn about Australia’s indigenous people and their culture. While a stark contrast from Australia’s coastal cities, a trip to Uluru is important if you want to begin to understand what Australia is truly about.



Your ticket to the incomprehensible beauty of the Whitsunday Islands. While Airlie Beach is a breathtakingly beautiful place (and party town in its own right), the party cruises around the Whitsundays are the real draw card for young people. The Whitsunday Islands are literally picture perfect - one of its beaches (Whitehaven Beach) is the world’s most photographed.



Cairns has some of the best nightlife in all of Australia, especially for the backpacker or traveller on a budget. But most importantly the town is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. If you don’t mind the odd scuba dive and snorkel, this is a no brainer.



With it’s high-rise building overlooking long stretches of surf beaches, bars and clubs, Surfers Paradise on Queensland’s Gold Coast is an extremely popular holiday destination with local Australians and tourists alike. During the day people flock to the beaches but, when the sun goes down, they descend on the area’s notorious nightclub district. ‘Surfer’s’ nightlife isn’t the classiest, but if you’re keen to let your hair down, you’ll be in for one of the biggest nights out Australia has to offer.



A popular stop for backpackers, Fraser Island is the worlds largest sand island. Most travellers choose to camp and explore this tropical paradise by 4WD. There certainly is plenty to explore, from the island’s eucalyptus forests and walking trails, to it’s hidden freshwater lakes and the infamous Maheno Shipwreck.


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