6 Secluded Beaches in Australia Worth Making the Trip For

Planning your next beach trip? In Australia, you have a few choices - 11,761 to be exact. With almost 60,000 kilometers of coastline, Australia gives you practically limitless options of beaches. Some are harder to get to than others, but we think the seclusion only adds to the beauty of the beach. Here are a few of Australia's finest beaches that will be worth the trek:


1. Nudey Beach (QLD)


Fitzroy Island boasts a beautiful white coral-sand beach that is accessible by a 45-minute ferry ride from Cairns and a short hike through national park rainforest. Nudey Beach edges out to the Great Barrier Reef for fantastic views, and fun fact: it’s the only beach that you’re allowed to bath nude in all of Queensland! 

2. Whitehaven Beach (QLD)


Being the largest out of Whitsundays’s 74 islands, Whitehaven Beach stretches 7 kilometers, and is something you’ll have to see to believe. Head up to the lookout at Tongue Point to get the best view of the winding shoreline.

3. Horrocks Beach (WA)


One of the best-kept secrets of Western Australia, Horrocks Beach has a population of just over 130, according to Wikipedia. It’s been named the best mainland beach of Australia in 2018, and with a pristine shoreline, Horrocks Beach doesn’t need much help holding onto that title.

4. Dreamtime Beach (NSW)


Another hidden gem that takes a bit of wandering to find, Dreamtime Beach is well-worth the trip to Fingal Head, New South Wales. Wind your way through a coastal rainforest until you are welcomed by the clear blue waters of a secluded beach.

5. Cossies Beach (Cocos Keeling Island)


This one might need a little more planning than the others…Cossies Beach on Cocos (Keeling) Island is actually closer to Indonesia than Australia. But it was named Australia’s best beach in 2016. A quick 4.5-hour flight from Perth and you’ll be ready to take on the white sandy beaches and cool blue ocean.

6. Oberon Bay (VIC)


If you’re looking for seclusion in Victoria, you can find it on the west coast of Wilson’s Promontory at Oberon Bay. Located about 2-3 hours walk from Tidal River, this beach can only be accessed on foot or by boat. Make a full trip out of it and pass Oberon Bay on a loop walk you can do over a few days around the prom.