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Essential Items to Pack in your Carry-on for Long-Haul Flights

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1. A good book

Reading is a great way to help pass the time on a long flight and a great indulgence you probably don’t have time for in your busy day to day life. If you don’t have one to take go and check out the shelves at the airport, you are bound to find something to tickle your fancy…even if it is a puzzle book!

2. Socks

Planes are always cooler when cruising at 72,000 feet in the air, just check your in-flight screen for the ridiculously cold temperatures showing outside, so packing a pair of nice woolly socks will help keep your little toes cozy.

3. Pack a change of clothes

We always run the risk of our luggage getting lost or not making a connecting flight which means we can be left without clothes for a couple of days. Packing 1-2 outfits in your carry-on will ensure you have some clean clothes to get you through a few days if you find yourself in this predicament.

4. Toiletries

To help keep yourself feeling refreshed, taking your plane size toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant can make all the difference (and the poor person you have been drooling on next to you will thank you).

5. Wet wipes

In the last few hours of what seems like the longest flight you have ever been on, we are all longing for a long hot shower and can sometimes start to feel a little self conscious. A little hack is taking wet wipes with you. Take them to the bathroom and give yourself a little wipe over to feel a little more human.

6. Hand sanitiser

For those times there is no soap left in the bathrooms or you want to have clean hands before eating your meal and you can't get to the bathroom before the trolley comes around.

7. A pen

Remember all those times you went searching through your bag looking for that pen you swore you had in there from the last trip? Always keep it at the top of your list to pack because you will always need one, from filling out landing cards to writing in your travel diary. TIP: Keep the pen with your passport, you will never lose it!

8. Portable charger

Not all planes have the option for you to be able to plug your phone in for charge and if you like using your phone on the flight for games or listening to music/podcasts you don’t want your battery running out mid-flight. Having your favourite song stopped half way through is not cool!

9. Diary

Keeping track of your travels each day, noting down all the things you have seen, want to see, all the feels, the people you met, is such a great way to look back on how much fun you had or even to pass on tips to your friends that are heading to all the places you have now been.

Having a diary with you on the plane can help you get started on your lists of things you want to do or even to write down some goals you want to accomplish from your travels.

Now where is that pen we packed.... oh yes, with our passport!

10. Gum

Hate it when your ears pop on landing? Throw in a piece of gum when the plane is descending as the chewing keeps your jaw moving and helps to keep your ears unblocked. Lifesaver!

11. Headphones

Taking your own headphones is a must, either for listening to music on your phone or even plugging into your seat to watch movies. Your headphones may not fit into all seats but they do for a few.

12. Chap stick

The cabin pressure along with the cool air blowing either on you or your row buddy can really affect your lips and make them sore and chapped. Carry a chap stick with you to keep your lips hydrated and healthy.

---> Courtesy of Hannah Pigram @thetravellingaus <---